Drawn to Death free for PS Plus subscribers this April

David Jaffe is a well-known figure in the games industry, having directed the Twisted Metal series and the first two God of War games. His next title, an over-the-top arena shooter called Drawn to Death, was announced back in 2014, and its unique art style attracted attention. Now, it’s attracting attention because it’ll launch free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Jaffe announced that Drawn to Death will be free to PS Plus subscribers when the game launches this April. He says the idea to launch the game like this is something he’s wanted to do for a while, as it’ll allow for a much larger community at launch.

Drawn to Death is heavily stylised, made to look like hand-drawn illustrations in a teenager’s school workbook. The characters are over the top, the arenas are over the top, the weapons are… you get the picture. The third-person shooter has a variety of competitive and cooperative modes, and it’ll launch with six playable characters and seven arenas. Much like every other modern competitive shooter, players unlock mystery loot boxes as they go. The game encourages strategic play, as each character has a suite of skills and abilities to master.

Drawn to Death launches on 4 April 2017, exclusively for PS4. Keep in mind that it won’t stay free forever, and you’ll eventually have to hand over some cash for it.