PC Building Simulator is exactly what it sounds like

Building your own PC is an amazing, sometimes frustrating, and really rewarding thing. After assembling your own rig, you’ll never want to buy a pre-built system ever again. It’s also pretty damned fun, and people seemed to thoroughly enjoy MSI’s Gaming Workshop at rAge 2016.

But the reality is that it’s an expensive hobby, and getting all of your parts to work together isn’t always guaranteed, which is why PC Building Simulator is a thing that exists. Check it out below.

“The purpose of this game is to try to teach people about building PCs while still having fun,” says the game’s creator on its official blog. “I strive to make it a fun game to play but also a tool to plan builds or for those who want to practice this hobby without spending thousands of dollars.”

The game currently looks and plays more than a little rough, which is understandable as it’s still in pre-alpha. But the concept is solid, and I’m all for it.

The game’s menus suggest that a sort of campaign mode is in the works, and will probably see you building rigs customised according to the needs of your customers while trying not to break the bank.

All in all, PC Building Simulator has some real potential as both a learning tool for novices, as well as a resource for experienced builders to experiment without the fear of destroying expensive parts.

The game’s pre-alpha demo can be downloaded here.