Giblets: Windows Vista support ending on 11 April 2017

If you’re one of the few million people still using Windows Vista, it’s almost time to officially mark it as EOL. The somewhat-loved operating system will soon have no updates to look forward to, and it will officially become abandonware on 11 April 2017, ten years and three months after general public availability. While Vista is still perfectly usable as an OS today, it lacks any of the security measures taken to protect newer Windows OSes, and fewer companies are offering support for it now. As of 2014, driver support for the OS also officially ended from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA.

If you’re running a Windows Vista machine still, consider turning off any unneeded services, get yourself a software-based firewall, and use a good anti-virus as well as a malware scanner. If your hardware is capable, and you have a spare licence, consider upgrading to a newer version of Windows. If your needs are fairly simple, however, there’s a Linux distribution out there for you that will make you feel right at home.

Source: TechpowerUp