Prey has aliens, here are some of them

Bethesda has been drip-feeding fans footage and information about Arkane Studios’ Prey reboot for a while now. We already know it’s a massive shift from the first game, its general plot has been revealed, and we’ve seen some creative abilities and weapons in action. It’s all very strange and exciting.

Bethesda’s latest dose of info centres around the Typhon, the shadowy aliens that decided they’d had enough of humans using them as lab rats and subsequently kicked up a little stir.

Bethesda’s offering a detailed look at a few of the game’s scary aliens, including the Mimic, Weaver, Telepath, Phantom and others. “The Typhon aliens are more than just shadowy creatures hell-bent on destroying the human race,” they caution. Here’s a new trailer:

Mimics: Mimics are the starting point. Their main purpose is to serve as a scouts until they gather enough strength from feeding on humans to band together and form Weavers.

Weavers: Weavers are where things start to get interesting. They create a substance called Coral, “a colorful thread-like substance with a purpose that will be revealed later”. What makes them a real threat is their ability to spawn much more powerful Typhon like Phantoms, Telepaths, and Technopaths.

Phantoms: These aliens are “the most humanoid of the Typhon – and that’s why you’ll sometimes find human remnants on a Phantom corpse, be it a weapon, a keycard or another inventory item”. They can also be heard muttering “random phrases” as they patrol the Talos I. The Phantoms serve as “guardian-like” creatures that protect other Typhons, and “come in a variety of forms, with different strengths and powers”.

Telepaths: Telepaths are able to take control of life around them, and have a “devastating psychic attack that temporarily disables Morgan’s ability to use powers”. According to the blurb, “The Telepath is often surrounded by a pack of possessed humans, and they know that they’re possessed.” Things get a little creepy right about now. “They’ll move toward you, moaning and complaining, saying things like: Get away, run. Get away from me. I can’t control myself.” When you do get past the possessed human followers, you’ll still need to deal with the Telepath, and it’s “really destructive and powerful too”.

Technopath: Where the Telepaths control living things, Technopaths “manipulate machinery aboard the space station”.

The Nightmare: “At some point, the Typhon detect an anomaly – something that is resisting them more than anything else they’ve had to fight so far. You are a problem. You’re a virus, in other words. So they develop this thing called the Nightmare, which is actually designed specifically to hunt you, find you and destroy you.” As you get stronger in the game, and upgrade your abilities with more Neuromods, you’ll attract the attention of “one of the biggest Typhon aboard Talos I”. The Nightmare is billed as a Typhon you’d do well to avoid during the earlier stages of the game, as it’s “often too tough to take on directly”.

The post also mentions a few other Typhon creatures, which you can check out here.

Prey will be out on 5 May for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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