PSA: Now you can download a free Civilization VI demo on Steam

What is this, 2002? PC demos are totally a thing again, with a Civilization VI demo out now on Steam. There’s also 20% discount on the regular game and 25% on the Digital Deluxe version until 20 March if you like it enough to buy it, so that’s nice.

“You’ll have the option to play as Qin Shi Huang on a fixed map with America, Egypt and Sumeria. You will also have the option to play the Civilization VI tutorial, which features Sumeria and Egypt,” an update on the store page explains. “Both options are locked at 60 turns, and once you’ve reached the conclusion of the demo you will have the option to purchase Civilization VI or you can play the demo or the tutorial again. There is no limit to how many times you can play the demo.”

In NAG’s review of the game, Geoff described Civilization VI as “intricately designed, beautifully executed, and utterly fun to play”, so this is your opportunity to get some of that up in your face.

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