Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater documentary seeks crowdfunding

If you were alive and mostly conscious from the late ’90s to the mid-2000s, you probably noticed an abundance of skateboarding games. Yes, those were more hip times indeed, with punk rock blasting from every console, and waves of gamers with broken faces who tried out that kickflip they’d totally nailed on the PS2. Indeed, the gaming world has never seen an extreme sport blow up like skateboarding, and the antics of Tony Hawk and others have formed a key part of gaming history. To highlight this, a documentary titled Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Game Story is seeking funds on Indiegogo.

The project is hoping to amass $75,000 in a month, and at time of writing has accumulated $7,000. The project is being led by Ralph D’Amato, who worked as a producer on the series until 2006, with the aim of making “the first ever feature-length documentary on the Tony Hawk games”. The documentary will examine how the games boosted the faltering skating industry of the late ’90s, and how they became a mainstay of video gaming.

It’s not just D’Amato involved. Tony Hawk himself will be part of the documentary. He’ll provide insight into how he helped Neversoft develop the games. Another skating legend, Rodney Mullen, is also onboard, and the project’s FAQ says that they’re “looking to interview the majority of skaters who were involved in the first four Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, as well as the developers”. Besides skaters, veteran Neversoft producer Scott Pease will feature as well. He was a leading figure in getting Tony Hawk involved in the series. Here’s the campaign video if you want to check it out.

If the campaign succeeds, Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Game Story is expected to launch in Q3 2018, around August or September. Check out the Indigogo page if you’re interested. Who knows, maybe if this documentary is popular enough, we may get a good Tony Hawk game before we all switch to hoverboards…