EA creates troubleshooting guide to help ease the pain of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s minor annoyances

If you’ve bought Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC and have started playing the trial available via Origin Access, you may have noticed that the game isn’t exactly devoid of technical issues and glitches.

While those freaky animation bugs that everyone’s talking about aren’t going away anytime soon, you might be dealing with a few other annoying problems. To help with that, Electronic Arts has set up a troubleshooting guide for Andromeda that provides recommended workarounds for your troubles.

If you’re having black screen issues with the game, for example, and you happen to own Corsair peripherals, the quick fix is to temporarily uninstall the Corsair Utility engine, or run the game in windowed mode. If you’re having performance issues on an AMD GPU, AMD’s latest Crimson beta might help you gain a performance boost. If you’re looking for tweak guides to make the game run smoother, Andromeda is built on the same version of EA’s Frostbite 3.0 engine that powers Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (it missed the boat for DirectX 12, which is why tweaks for Battlefield 1 might not be exactly the same), so perhaps that can be your starting point in finding some tweaks that’ll improve your experience.