NVIDIA’s 4K HDR Mass Effect: Andromeda tech trailer is glorious

Mass Effect: Andromeda is only three days away. Three days! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. The game looks incredible, its multiplayer looks like a blast, and its trophy list suggests there’s a bunch of stuff to see and do. Oh, and did I mention it’s really pretty? Because it is. Like, super pretty.

The game is even prettier at 4K resolution with HDR enabled (shocker!), which is what NVIDIA’s latest video is all about. The tech trailer includes interviews with the game’s developers and serves to showcase some of the technology that went into making Andromeda as visually impressive as possible.

The trailer’s below, and while it’s “best experienced on a 4K HDR display”, NVIDIA says you can “still watch this behind the scenes video in up to 4K SDR on any device”, and “you’ll learn about Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s development, PC enhancements, and more”.

NVIDIA doesn’t reveal the system specs used to capture the 4K HDR footage, but you can bet your ass they’re a lot beefier than the game’s recommendations, which are more than a little… generous.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on 23 March for PC, PS4 and XBO. If you plan on getting into the game’s multiplayer action, you’ll be happy to know that all multiplayer DLC maps will be free.