Sniper Elite 4 gets its first DLC tomorrow, includes a new campaign, other stuff

If you’re unfamiliar with Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 4, be sure to check out Michael’s review, where he calls it a “must buy if you enjoy sneak-and-snipe shooters”. I don’t trust Michael’s opinion, because anyone who pays me actual money to write things is clearly insane, but I have to admit the game looks fun.

Sniper Elite 4 is set to receive its first dose of DLC tomorrow (21 March), and it’ll include a premium campaign expansion, as well as a host of free cosmetic and multiplayer additions.

First up, there’s the “brand new mini-campaign”, called Deathstorm. It’ll be split into three parts, and it’s “playable from start to finish for 1-2 players”.

“Set after the events of the main game, the first chapter takes players to the colder terrain of northern Italy, and a Nazi naval base recently targeted in a bombing run.”

Rounding off the DLC’s premium content is the Night Fighter Expansion Pack, which will include “three new weapons, night-time camo rifle skins for eight weapons and new male and female character skins”.

On the free side of things, those who are into the game’s multiplayer will be happy to learn that a new mode called Elimination and a new map named Night Woods will also arrive tomorrow.

More details about the contents of the DLC drop can be found here.