You have to try Rhythm Doctor, like right now

There was a (mercifully) brief, dark period in my life when I resorted to almost exclusively playing browser games, but I’ve not done so in a while. That changed about two days ago when I came across a quirky, humorous, fun, and deceptively difficult browser demo for a game called Rhythm Doctor.

The game recently entered Steam Greenlight. Its developer 7th Beat Games describes it as “the hardest one-button rhythm game you will ever play”. Inspired by another rhythm game called Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Doctor has its own unique style and flair, along with a very entertaining (albeit slightly ridiculous) premise.

In Rhythm Doctor, your goal is to cure people using super sick beats, tapping your spacebar on every seventh beat. Pretty simple, right? Well, yes and no. As you’ll see in the game’s Greenlight trailer, things get intense really quickly, with offbeats, “glitches” and other distractions hell-bent on wrecking your timing.

The design of this thing is sublime, enhanced by the fact that “all the music is composed specifically to match the level design, mechanics, and story”. It’s set to include loads of really cool features, and from what I can tell (having played the browser demo for probably two hours straight), it’s going to be a blast.

Additionally, Rhythm Doctor features intense boss battles and aims to familiarise you with “music and rhythm theory without even realising it”. 7th Beat Games explains that the game will include twists like “having you master things like polyrhythms, offbeats, hemiolas, [and] irregular time signatures”.

I can’t wait to play the full version.

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