Italian retailer leak reveals (alleged) Destiny 2 details

It’s no big surprise that a sequel to Destiny is coming. The original became a huge success, and the universe is still rife with possible stories and places to explore. Despite not having a formal announcement yet, we recently reported that characters from Destiny could be imported into the sequel, and numerous gaming industry insiders have reported features that the game would have. The latest news to get the internet in a tizzy are some pictures of Italian promotional material that reveal the name and possible launch date of Destiny‘s sequel. It’s all unconfirmed, so keep some salt handy.

According to the leaked picture, the game will creatively be called… Destiny 2. Classy. The posters also reveal an 8 September 2017 European release date, and mention an upcoming beta. If you look closely in the top right, the poster has one of those “Exclusive PS4 Stuff” graphics, indicating that maybe the beta or other content will come to PS4 first. The picture appeared on Italian gaming website Lega Network, who point out explicitly that it’s only a rumour at this point. Another picture of what may be the same poster appeared on Reddit and Imgur, although since saving the image, both of those posts have been deleted.

If 8 September is the actual release date, that will fall in line with previous Destiny releases. The base game and its major DLC packs saw annual launches in September. Furthermore, Destiny ran an open beta in July 2014, first for PlayStation 3 and 4, and later for Xbox 360 and One. If Bungie and Activision are following a pattern, we may see Destiny 2‘s beta run on a similar schedule. This corroborates a Tweet by Tom Phillips of Eurogamer, where he states the beta will hit around June. If any of this is true, we may see a formal announcement and gameplay at E3 2017.

Or everyone could be wrong about all this, because it is still a rumour unconfirmed by Bungie and Activision. The only thing we REALLY know about Destiny 2 is that the Gjallarhorn 2.0 will be a bitch to grind.

Sources: Lega Network / Imgur

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