Leak suggests 2017’s Call of Duty is heading back to World War II

Following Infinite Warfare‘s lukewarm reception, Activision told investors earlier this year that the Call of Duty series will go “back to its roots“, and if a recent leak turns out to be legit, that’s exactly what we’re in for.

A YouTube channel called TheFamilyVideoGamers received an email from an anonymous source, which included images of supposed marketing concepts for a new COD game. Unless it’s all an elaborate hoax in preparation of 1 April, this year’s entry will be called Call of Duty: WWII.

While rumours and leaks should always be taken with at least ten buckets of salt, the six images featured in the video (which were later posted to Reddit) look pretty legitimate. The first two pics feature soldiers doing soldier things:

The other four images show off concepts for a special steelbook edition of the game:

2017’s Call of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, and in case you haven’t caught on yet, the leak suggests it’ll be set during World War II.

Eurogamer’s own sources have apparently verified the validity of the leak, but we won’t know for sure until Activision makes an official announcement. Considering the timeline of previous COD announcements, we’re due for one very soon.

Source: TheFamilyVideoGamers, Reddit