Mafia III gets a free demo, more DLC

2K Games’ Mafia III received a less-than-stellar score in Miklós’ review, where he explained that “it’s not TERRIBLE, but it’s not particularly great either”. But hey, you’ll never really know if you like something unless you give it a try, which is exactly what the game’s free demo will let you do.

If you happen to really enjoy the game, you’ll be happy to know that its first big expansion is out today. Trailers for the demo and the DLC below.

The demo grants players access to the game’s entire first act. “Get introduced to the seedy criminal underworld of 1968 New Bordeaux and the motivations for Lincoln Clay’s relentless pursuit of military-grade revenge against the Italian Mafia.”

The demo’s live right now on PC, PS4 and XBO, and any progress made will carry over to the full game once bought.

Mafia III‘s first full (premium) expansion is called Faster, Baby!, and features an all-new location called Sinclair Parish and a new plot-line, as well as “epic rewards and new strategy”.

“In Sinclair Parish, a rural town west of the Bayou, Sheriff “Slim” Beaumont rules through fear and violence,” reveals the DLC’s Steam blurb. “When a Civil Rights leader is murdered, and other activists are targeted, Lincoln joins forces with sister-in-arms Roxy Laveau on an explosive mission to expose the town’s corrupt underbelly. Engage in high-octane car chases, epic new military-grade combat tactics and seedy operations to bring Slim and his corrupt Sheriff’s Department to justice.”

Faster, Baby! is available to download right now, and will set you back R239 on Steam.

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