Heroes of the Storm’s 2.0 update will be a game-changer, new Diablo assassin inbound

Just when I think I’ve finally laid my Heroes of the Storm obsession to rest, Blizzard just draws me back in. The game’s massive – and I mean MASSIVE – upcoming 2.0 update is currently in the works, and it’s a doozy. The update will overhaul a ton of game features as well as introduce a few Overwatch-inspired ones like loot chests, voice lines, and sprays.

A new assassin character named Cassia was also recently announced, and she looks all kinds of badass.

“With our next patch, we’re overhauling player and hero progression, adding new loot and customization options, along with different ways to unlock everything in the game,” says Blizzard. A full, super meaty rundown of all the changes and new additions coming with the 2.0 update can be found over on the game’s official site, but here are the highlights.

Hero and player progression:

  • The player level cap of 40 will be removed. Instead, your level will now be determined by the “sum of all the Hero levels you’ve gained”
  • The hero level cap of 20 has been removed
  • The game’s experience curve will become a whole lot flatter, making player and hero levelling “more frequent and more meaningful”
  • “As your heroes reach new heights, and your player level hits certain milestones in the progression system, the badge art on your portrait will become more and more elaborate”

Heroes X Overwatch:

  • HOTS will get loot chests, which will contain “random assortments of nearly every awesome reward in the game, including Heroes themselves – to Heroes of the Storm, and you’re going to get one every single time you level up!”
  • Chests will vary by rarity, and each chest type is “guaranteed to award at least one item of that Chest’s rarity level or higher.” Four randomised items are included in each chest
    • Common chests will be awarded for each new player level reached
    • Rare chests drop every five player levels
    • Epic chests are awarded for every 25 levels
    • Hero-specific chests are awarded for every 10 levels
  • Chests can also be bought, if you’re into that kind of thing

New cosmetic items:

  • Announcers: “Customize your Battleground Announcers by choosing voiceover from some of your favorite Heroes”
  • Voice Lines:”Cheer on your allies and jeer your opponents by sounding off in-game with your Hero’s most quotable catchphrase”
  • Banners: “Make a show of dominance over the enemy team by raising a flag with your personal symbol whenever you destroy a Fort or Keep, capture a Merc Camp, or capture an objective”
  • Sprays: “Make your mark on the field of battle by dropping unique icons and tags on the terrain. Better still, we’ve added a number of animated sprays you can use to give your Battleground graffiti a little extra oomph”
  • Emojis: “We’re adding a massive collection of stylized and Hero-specific Emojis that you can use both in and out of game”
  • Moar portraits

In-game currency overhaul:

  • Gold: The game’s default currency will stick around, and can be spent on heroes and “Loot Chest Rerolls”
  • Gems: Gems can be bought using real money, or can be earned by reaching certain levels. They’re used on loot chests, heroes, stimpacks, and “featured items” like bundles
  • Shards: Shards can be found in loot chests randomly, and are received in the event of duplicate items. Shards are used to purchase all kinds of cosmetic items

A video showcasing everything is below.

In other related news, the game’s newest ranged assassin (or “Amazon Warmatron”) Cassia has been detailed. “After shattering the Worldstone, the young Amazon Cassia had changed,” reads her backstory. ” She had seen hatred, terror, and destruction firsthand. If the Askari were to survive the coming darkness, they needed an army. She would begin their training immediately.”

A full breakdown of her abilities is available here.

A beta for the game’s 2.0 update is live right now and will become available to everyone come 25 April.

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