Sire, Overlord is free on the Codemasters Store

Who doesn’t love free games? Especially when the game allows players to wickedly crush daisies and order minions to attack sheep. For whatever reason, the first Overlord title is available completely free on the Codemasters Store, allowing PC gamers to raise some hell and rule the world with an iron fist.

Overlord was released in 2007, developed by Truimph Studios and published by Codemasters. The latter is best known for their Formula 1 and rally racing titles, so a dark-comedy RPG with light strategy elements may be seen as quite a departure from the norm. The game was received positively, offering an enjoyable mix of Monty Python humour, deliciously evil gameplay opportunities, and the ability to control an army of minions like evil Pikmin.

It’s worth mentioning that there doesn’t seem to be a cut-off date for this offering. The game may be free forever, but it’s probably best to act now. If you haven’t played it already, or want a digital copy, head over to the Codemasters Store and get one. You may need to create a Codemasters account, or just log in with your Facebook credentials.

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