Because what could be worse than the crushing shame as a video featuring ten midgets dressed up as medieval clowns, a greased hand vacuum, and somebody’s daughter trying to fund her college tuition finishes up in your browser, and you realise you’re the worst person on the planet? Everybody else knowing you’re the worst person on the planet, obviously, including your 86-year old great aunt Gertrude who only joined Facebook last week for the cat photos, biscuit recipes, and old fashioned racism.

“Thanks for sharing. Pornhub now has automatic video sharing to your social media accounts,” a popup on the website read on Saturday, when a video was clicked on. “No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary sharing feature does it for you!”

Heh. “Manually”. Heh. Wait. What?

Most people are hyper vigilant for this sort of stuff on 1 April, but I’d expect that a lot of Pornhub visitors might have had, uh, other things on their minds at the time. I bet a lot of social media accounts were shut down in a hurry over the weekend. And not just social media accounts, if you know what I mean.

Via Daily Dot.