In 2016, Creative Assembly, known for large-scale strategy video games, teamed up with Game’s Workshop, known for large scale tabletop strategy games, to produce Total War: Warhammer. This was probably the best combination since peanut butter and Oreos, or peanut butter and ice cream, or peanut butter and burgers, and the game went on to be well received. After a remarkably short time, a sequel has been announced, and we have a shiny cinematic trailer to look at.

Creatively titled Total War: Warhammer 2, the story casts players as one of four races vying for control of a magic plot device vortex. The vortex siphons magic energy from the world and uses it to prevent a demonic invasion, but lately it has been faltering. The four races each have their own motives for controlling the vortex. The High Elves want to fix it, the Lizardmen want to prevent it from going boom, and the Dark Elves want to see it fall. The fourth race is still being kept under wraps for now. This sets up a four-way battle royale in The New World, which looks to have more jungle environments than the previous game.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is set to launch some time in 2017, and is already listed on Steam. So far, there seem to be only two problems with it. For one, the Dark Elf leader is wearing so many spikes that he’ll constantly be snagging his helmet on vines, which will likely cause much sniggering among his troops. And two, the game still isn’t called Total Warhammer.

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