A free trial for Dishonored 2 starts this weekend

People who aren’t me really loved the first Dishonored, including my girlfriend who held my PC hostage for weeks while she finished it. It was a dark time. Which is kind of why I haven’t bought Dishonored 2 yet. It’s also the reason I needed to master subtle, yet highly effective topic changing techniques.

Anyway, did you know Bethesda’s running a free trial for Dishonored 2 this weekend? I sure didn’t, and if my girlfriend asks, I still don’t. Let’s keep it that way.

According to a post on Bethesda’s official blog, the trial will kick off on 6 April (Thursday) and will grant players access to Dishonored 2‘s first three campaign missions. The demo will be available to PS4, XBO, and PC (via Steam) users, and as usual with these things, all progress made will carry over to the full game once bought.

Matthew Vice called it “a huge, sprawling stealth action game with tons of fun to be had” in his review, and he’s maybe, probably, totally not my girlfriend.

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