Batman: Arkham VR is coming to PC

During rAge 2016, I had a go at playing every PSVR game on offer, and other than the occasional compulsion to empty my stomach contents in the nearest trashcan, it was kind of amazing. Batman: Arkham VR stood out as one of the most interesting demos I tried, but it felt… limited by the PSVR’s slightly lacklustre hardware.

Well, it looks like the two people who actually own either an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift will be happy to learn that the game is ditching its PSVR exclusivity, and will be making its way onto PC very soon.

“PC players with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift hardware will now have the opportunity to experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective, and delve deep into a tense Batman: Arkham mystery,” reads the press stuff. “Players will enter a virtual reality world where they must think like Batman and utilize his legendary gadgets, unraveling a plot that threatens the lives of his closest allies.”

The game’s PC debut is set for 25 April, and it’ll feature full support for Oculus Touch, Vive, Dual Shock 4, Xbox One, and Steam controllers.

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