Overwatch is teasing something big for next week

Blizzard’s prepping an important Overwatch announcement, but what is it? Ooh, I dunno, but according to lead character artist Renaud Galand, it’s “one of the best” things the studio has worked on since the game launched. Hype? HYPE!

The game’s official Twitter account dropped a teaser that doesn’t exactly give much away either, besides something about a “King’s Row uprising” and “mandatory robot registration”, a rotating 3D model of Tracer, and some random (but probably not random) ability icons.

In the game, London’s posh neighbourhood of King’s Row was built by omnics – Overwatch‘s robots, like Bastion and Orisa – who were subsequently pushed into ghettos in the city’s so-called “Underworld”, and denied basic civil rights as a consequence of the Omnic Crisis. Political relations between them and the human population are bad, and – super fun fact! – in that map’s payload mission, players are actually escorting an EMP bomb into the Underworld to nuke the omnics. So much for being a hero.

Perhaps not totally coincidentally, the prominent omnic mystic Tekhartha Mondatta was assassinated by Widowmaker on King’s Row, an event that might have precipitated the now ongoing Second Omnic Crisis. That counts as an “uprising”, I think, so maybe that’s what this is all about? Whatever it is, though, please let it be a co-op mode. Please.