This guy is playing Dark Souls 3 with… bananas

Oh, you thought playing with drums was mad? What about a guitar? Or a dance mat? That’s kids’ stuff. The hot new thing is playing Dark Souls 3 with a bunch of bananas.

Obligatory “omg that’s bananas” joke, because you know you love it, #omgthatsbananas.

Twitch streamer TheSuperScrubs AKA ATwerkingYoshi – who’s also previously played Overwatch with a Doritos and Mountain Dew controller – wired up the fruit bowl using a Makey Makey custom controller board plus some cheap extra parts, and remapped each of the regular controller button functions to one of the bananas.

Omg, that’s bana- okay, I’ll stop.

“You can create a closed circuit with a banana and grounding yourself. Alligator clips are connected to each banana which in turn are connected to a HID board that emulates keyboard buttons,” he explained on Reddit. “This is in fact the hardest run yet and most of the bananas are already bruised.”

What next, badly taxidermied squirrels? Actually, I’d probably watch that.

Via TheNextWeb.