As expected, the studio has published its plans for the game, including both immediate and future updates dropping in tomorrow and over the next two months or so. Most importantly, however, the incoming improvements include “fixing Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern”, so the internet hate squad can pack up and go home. Seriously, though, that’s a thing? I didn’t even know until I saw this last night, and tried it out for myself. It does look kind of odd, but, like, so does running in a zig-zag pattern. Who does that, anyway?

“It’s been two weeks since the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda and we’re thankful to the millions of you who have already joined us on this journey. And though the game is now in your hands, it’s really just the beginning,” BioWare’s general manager Aaryn Flynn explained in a blog post on the game’s website.

“Since launch, our team has been poring over your comments and feedback, looking to discover what you like about the game, as well as areas we can evolve or improve.”

For now, that list for update 1.05 features:

  • Allowing you to skip ahead when travelling between planets in the galaxy map (YAAAAAS!)
  • Increasing the inventory limits
  • Improving the appearance of eyes for humans and asari characters
  • Decreasing the cost of Remnant decryption keys and making them more accessible at merchants
  • Improving localized voice over lip sync
  • Fixing Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern
  • Improving matchmaking and latency in multiplayer

You can read the complete list of this and that over here.

Besides the obligatory working out some of the game’s “performance and stability issues”, the studio is also busy messing with this stuff for additional updates coming soon:

  • More options and variety in the character creator
  • Improvements to hair and general appearance for characters
  • Ongoing improvements to cinematic scenes and animations
  • Improvements to male romance options for Scott Ryder
  • Adjustments to conversations with Hainly Abrams

“We want to hear from you about your experiences, both what you love about the game and what you’d like to see changed,” added Flynn. “We’re listening, and we’re committed to partnering with you as we continue to explore the Andromeda galaxy together.”

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