Enjoy Dark Souls? Check out ThePruld’s YouTube channel

Are you a Dark Souls fan? I mean a REAL fan? Do you praise the sun every morning? Do you know all the lore, down to the brickwork of Sen’s Fortress? Do you ever think about your dog doing a Sif cosplay? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I want to recommend ThePruld‘s YouTube channel to you. It’s run by an Italian, and specialises in short-form Dark Souls comedy films, usually made with Source FilmMaker. That’s all I’m going to tell you, because that’s more context than I got.

Before delving into ThePruld’s playlists, watch the video below. It was the first one I watched, and it accurately sums up his channel.

If you need to take a break to staple your split sides back together, I understand. The first time I watched it, I laughed until it hurt. Honestly, there’s a level of comedic genius going on here. The camerawork, the animation, the reactions of the other two dragons, and the sudden and horrified punchline work together to create an amazing joke. Also, it sums up in 17 seconds many complaints about the Dark Souls 3 nightmare goat dragon form.

Dark Souls has built an incredibly strong community of content creators. Some of them, like VaatiVidiya or Fungo, provide deep insights into the complicated lore of the series. ThePruld makes music video dance parties.

Again, you have to admire his editing skills. I mean, just look at how perfect that animation is, it has an incredible liveliness to it, and makes me want to go chug Estus and punch rats. And the visuals are pretty funny too, making it clear that ThePruld comes up with his jokes by screaming “KNOCK KNOCK” into the abyss, and writing down the response.

Anyway, ThePruld’s escalation to fame largely came from his “Dark Souls Misadventures” series, which started in 2014. This follows characters from Dark Souls, Half Life 2, The Witcher, and Skyrim in an adventure that only the finest hallucinogenics could conjure. The third episode hasn’t come out yet, but the first two are a great showcase of how much his film making skills have evolved.

If you have some spare time, check out ThePruld. His videos are insanely funny, and provide occasional commentary on the state of the games. His other videos have parodies of anime and other games, and more music numbers. Definitely turn your headphone volume low, because things get a bit loud.

And yes, it is a slow news day, what tipped you off?

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