Gears of War 4’s April update includes nightmare bunny heads and free maps

I totally wasn’t joking about the nightmare bunny heads, though. Would you eat a chocolate egg hidden in your garden by something that looked like that? Because that’s not chocolate. Or an egg.

Just in time for the long weekend, Gears of War 4‘s April update includes the obligatory Easter event fun stuff – featuring a “Bunny Hunt” Guardian mode remix , and foil-wrapped weapon skins – plus two renovated Gears of War 3 maps and new legacy characters, the inevitable list of fixes and improvements, and more. Niiiiice.

“Festivities will kick off with ‘Bunny Hunt’, an Easter-themed game mode that brings back the oversized Bunny Heads from previous games into a new variation of Guardian,” says Coalition community manager Liam Ashley on Xbox Wire. “On top of that, fans will get to unwrap five Chocolate Easter Egg-themed weapon skins by registering on and completing challenges in this special playlist!”

The two maps, available now with double XP in the Developer Playlist for season pass owners and dropping into public rotation on 11 April for everybody else, are Hotel and The Slab.

The Coalition isn’t telling who the COG legacy character is, but – praise Myrrah! – we’re getting the Locust high priest hisser Kantus back on the roster (INCOHERENT SCREECHING). Some special Horde and Versus events are also in the works, starting 21 and 28 April respectively.

Lastly, the developer is rolling out a lot of new weapon changes as part of a “major update” for both Core and Competitive divisions.

“Our Core changes mostly focus on making the starting weapons fit their role better than before, with reduced range on the Gnasher, improvements to the Hammerburst and slight tweaks to the Lancer,” explains Ashley. “For Competitive, it’s all about adjustments that highlight the teamwork and competitive nature of playing with these team-focused settings.”

You can read more about that on the Gears of War community blog.