Huh, I’ve been writing quite a lot about RTS games lately. Maybe it’s a sign that the genre is undergoing a resurgence, clawing back some of the territory lost to the Great MOBA Uprising. That, or Tarryn and Tank keep nabbing all the good headlines before me. Anyway, Dawn of War III will be dropping out of orbit later this month, bringing more WAAAGH! to PC gamers. If you want to try the game out before launch, then head over to Relic’s website and sign up for the open beta, which runs from 21 to 24 April.

All you need to do is register for a RelicLink account, and await an email with your  access key. According to the FAQ, the beta will be available to all regions, and can be pre-downloaded from 18 April. The beta will let players duke it out on three multiplayer maps, and take the base game’s playable factions (Eldar, Orks, and Space Marines) for a spin. Only player vs. player multiplayer will be available, allowing for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 matches. Keep in mind that any progress earned will be reset at the end of the beta. In a nice touch, the FAQ specifically gives players permission to stream or create other gameplay videos from the beta. The minimum and recommended PC specs are on the game’s Steam page, so make sure your PC is tall enough to ride.

Just as a reminder, the Dawn of War III open beta will run from 21 to 24 April, and the full game launches on 27 April for PC. Don’t panic if you don’t receive your access key immediately, those will only be sent out after 12 April.

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