… But it’s okay, you guys, because CD Projekt Red isn’t Edge Games and you can still use the word “cyberpunk” – even if your own game! – without incurring a $100 million lawsuit. Dibs on Cyberpunk Crush Saga.

In the meantime, though, the Polish studio is busy working on its new RPG Cyberpunk 2077, and filing trademarks like this one, it explained, is simply standard business practice – and not the establishment of a dystopian sci-fi future that we’ll have to call neopunk robopunk technopunk instead. Actually, “technopunk” is kind of rad. I should trademark that.

“We want to protect our hard work and we don’t plan on using the trademark offensively. It’s a self-defense measure only,” the developer explained on Twitter.

“Life knows quite a few examples of companies registering marks similar to well-known marks, and then trying to sell them for big money. Should we ever decide to create a sequel, there’s a possibility of someone telling us we can’t name it, say, Cyberpunk 2078 or Cyberpunk 2. Moreover, if someone else registered this trademark in the future, they could prohibit CD Projekt from making any expansions to the game, any additional titles under the name Cyberpunk. The reason for our registration is to protect us from unlawful actions of unfair competitors.”

So that’s cool, but when’s the game even out? That’s another thing entirely.

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