Local indie game Echoplex is out now on Steam Early Access

Uh, since last week already. NOBODY TELLS ME ANYTHING. Anyway, Joburg studio Output Games’ trippy doppelgänger puzzle-’em-up made it out of Greenlight and into Steam Early Access, so it’s now a thing you can buy.

Besides its unique minimalist aesthetics, Echoplex also features live action video “to create an immersive and chilling story world”, in which you must evade a duplicate of yourself that copies everything you do. I have an identical twin sister so I know what that’s like.

The Early Access version of the game includes 15 complete levels of increasing difficulty, although developers Tyron Janse van Vuuren, Henk Scheepers, and Ronnie Wong Ho Hip plan to add much more over the next 12 months, when it’s expected to launch proper.

A free demo is also available, but it’s only R98.10 on special at the moment – that’s less than a combo lunch at KFC and it’s made of real chicken. I think. Probably not, actually. Maybe I’m just hungry.

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