Nioh’s first expansion detailed

So, Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City brought the iconic dark fantasy RPG series to a close, leaving fans to either perfect their “no dodging, spears only” run, or just move on to something new. One of the best Dark Soul replacements is Nioh, the PS4 exclusive dark Eastern fantasy RPG starring Samurai Geralt. It was was always obvious the game would be getting new content because a season pass is available, and the first of three expansion has recently been detailed.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the expansion is called Dragon of the North, and continues Nioh‘s story. William, our hero, journeys north to the Oshu region, investigating rumours that the daimyo, Masamune Date, is getting up to all sorts of tomfoolery with spirit stones and Yokai. Players must go convince him to stop, which will likely involve turning terrifying demons into small bloody chunks of terrifying demons. In keeping with the historical nature of the game, Masamune Date was a totally real daimyo who ruled in the early 1600s. The bit about Yokai and demons is probably fictional though.

The DLC will include new stages, new enemy types, additional magics skills, weapons, armour, and an entirely new weapon class: the odachi. And to truly complete your Dark Souls fix, PvP will be available as well. Hopefully, that will be added into the base game, because it seems overly greedy to lock such a requested feature behind a paywall.

Nioh: Dragon of the North is launching on 2 May for PS4. You can buy it separately, or nab the season pass to save yourself the effort. Be sure to check out our review of Nioh by Matthew (the other Matthew, not me).

Source: PlayStation Blog