Happy Easter NAGunnies, or for the non-religious folk, Happy Super-Long Weekend. I took a break from my strenuous duties of putting chocolate eggs inside of my face to give you a quick news recap, in video form. Watch your keyboard with them chocolatey fingers, and be sure to come back next weekend for your regularly scheduled news roundup, with 800% more text and three times as much unsolicited rambling. Stay safe all, and have a great weekend.

Voice actors in games are getting a little more recognition lately, which is awesome. Here’s a look at Dawn of War 3‘s.

It’s been a busy couple of days for EA. The Battlefront 2 trailer was leaked, frantically pulled it from every corner of the internet and then officially released. Now you can watch it guilt-free.

Frostpunk looks like an absolutely brutal, hopeless game where everything goes poorly and all the characters can do is wait for the sweet release of death. I love it.

Bayonetta looks like it got brought to PC, and it’s not one of those horrible rushjob PC ports either – this could be the best way to play. Check it out.

Life is Feudal is an MMO that has you surviving in a crappy, medieval world where everything can kill you. Sound fun? Here’s the first five hours (in nine minutes).

That Eurogamer guy is still finding video game recipes to cook, this one ironically from Don’t Starve.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3‘s new trailer is a love letter to exploding heads. Seriously, it’s like an exploding heads montage. It’s a few more exploding heads away from being fetish porn.

Are you tired of being just another loser on a horse in Breath of the Wild? Be the envy of your friends with this DIY Go-Kart!

The Wild Eternal is a game about an old woman and a talking fox. Alright I’m not really selling it, maybe just watch this launch trailer.

Overwatch got a pretty sweet looking PvE Insurrection event, continuing Blizzard’s reputation for utterly badass post-launch support of their games. Have a look at this one, available until May 1st.

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