Nintendo recently announced to public dismay that it’s discontinuing the totally adorable, fun-sized NES Classic – but is it because they’re actually secretly prepping to launch a SNES Classic instead? Maaaaaybe. Apparently, the NES Classic’s unexpected (okay, but really?) megahit sales prompted the company to do the same mini-makeover treatment with its other retro-nostalgic console, with a release scheduled in time for Christmas. It’s on like Donkey Kong… Country.

According to Eurogamer’s anonymous industry sources, the SNES Classic is already in development and the real reason why Nintendo is pulling the NES Classic off the production line, despite the console selling out all over the planet. Obviously this is officially unconfirmed for the moment, but the website’s track record for breaking unannounced Nintendo news isn’t bad – back in July last year, its Digital Foundry hardware division already had most of the Switch’s technical info correct.

The NES Classic, a “near-identical, mini replica” of the original 1983 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System launched in November 2016, and features an HDMI port and and 30 pre-installed games, including the first three Super Mario Bros., Galaga, Bubble BobbleCastlevania, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, and Metroid.