The packaging of the Redragon Titanoboa 2 makes this baby look menacing even before wrapping your hand around it. I couldn’t wait to get the box open. Once I had the Titanoboa 2 out of its packaging and took a proper look at it, it hit me that Redragon may have missed a very real marketing angle.

Technical specifications

Sensor: 24,000 DPI laser sensor

Frame rate: 12,000 fps

Acceleration: 50G actuation force

Polling rate: 1,000 Hz

Buttons: 11 (10 programmable)

Price and supplier information
Supplier: Matrix Warehouse
RRP: R799

The body is made of incredibly impressive brushed aluminium, which made me double check the RRP. The packaging would benefit from a cut-out at the back, so that the stunning aluminium finish could be shown off. It’d also highlight the fact that this mouse has a weight adjustment slot at the base, as well as a very important feature for FPS gamers: the sensor sits smack in the middle of the chassis. This mouse feels like it’s worth every cent and much more. It’s sturdy (thanks to the aluminium build), has an attractive matte black finish with rubber grips exactly where my fingers need them to be, fully customisable RGB lighting and 10 programmable buttons.

After only a couple of minutes of playing my first game, I decided right then and there that this mouse would be my next purchase. The angle of my wrist when using the Titanoboa 2 is less pronounced compared to my personal mouse (because my hand lies flatter), and I feel confident that I’ll have a long, comfortable relationship with it. If carpal tunnel syndrome means anything to you, you’ll understand why wrist position is important. It gave me the feeling of better accuracy and superb comfort without losing control at any stage. The only tweaks I made involved removing a few weights to make it lighter and get the balance feeling just right.

The silicon feet glide over my mouse pad with ease as you would expect from a gaming mouse, and the 1,000-24,000 DPI laser sensor makes movements very precise. The Titanoboa 2 is also outfitted with a braided red and black cord, and gold-plated USB 2.0 connector. It weighs in at 175g when all five weights are in place, so it’s mighty heavy with all the weights inserted. The asymmetrical design makes this mouse preferable for right-handed folks. Sorry lefties.

8.5Redragon’s Titanoboa 2 doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fantastic gaming mouse.

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