Back in 1997, before Grand Theft Auto was about running businesses, biker gangs, and doing sweet stunts, it was played from a top down perspective. It was a more innocent time, with sprites, and crude approximations of people exploding into crude approximations of blood fountains. Anyway, the next update for GTA: Online will be taking the series back to its roots, in a way, by allowing players to compete in adorable top down races.

The update is called Tiny Racers, which is far too cutesy for a game where you can shoot cultists in their exposed scrotums (I am not linking linking that, kids read this). The update was announced via the Rockstar Games blog, which provided a trailer and a release date. It looks like fast-paced, silly fun, and seems to incorporate previous additions to the stunt racing formula.

GTA: Online Tiny Racers will be free for anyone who owns the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, on 25 April. As with previous updates, there will likely be a launch event with bonus rewards and experience points.

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