Expected to launch around about now, Resident Evil 7‘s free Not a Hero epilogue DLC… um, won’t, Capcom has announced, because it’s apparently not good enough. Awkward.

“Our aim is for this content to match the high quality of the main game,” says producer Masachika Kawata in this video apology. “So we need more development time in order to complete that goal.”


Okay? Okay.

The DLC features series regular Chris Redfield, but we don’t know much else about it for the moment. At the end of Resident Evil 7, Redfield turns up in a helicopter with – record scratch! – some Umbrella guys. You know, the bad guys. I guess we’ll find out what’s going on, but the reason he looks totally different now isn’t some sort of conspiracy, as fans speculated.

“This time, each character is made on the premise of photo realistic depiction, and Chris Redfield which appears in ‘Not A Hero’ (DLC scheduled for free delivery this spring) also receives a pretty impressive impression,” game director Koushi Nakanishi explains in a clumsy Google translation of this blog post. “A game is a so – called ‘simulated experience’, but ‘I fear real fear’. In a sense, ‘Your brain has been deceived’, are not you? We try to deceive the brain, but photoreal expression is one of them. If you insert Chris into the design presupposing CG modeling so far, it will make you feel that different characters of the world view come in quickly.”

I think I’m even more intrigued now. I mean confused.


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