In space, nobody can hear these Alien: Covenant promo teasers

Ahead of the movie’s launch later this month, Fox has dialled up the Marketing-O-Tron 5000 for Alien: Covenant to MAXIMUM HYPE with a series of promo teasers featuring transmissions from the crew of the colony ship Covenant to their families back home before going into hypersleep. But it’s a poignant sort of goodbye, isn’t it? Because you know they’re all gonna die, man.

Watch terraforming consultant Daniels (Katherine Waterston), first mate Oram (Billy Crudup), chief pilot Tennessee (Danny McBride), head of security Lowe (Demian Bichir), and biologist Rosenthal (Tess Haubrich) talking about the mission like they’re not going to be dissolving, screaming, in a puddle of acid approximately 90 minutes after they wake up.

Movie’s out locally on 19 May.

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