Psycho-Pass was one of those anime I really regret not finishing. I watched the first episode on Netflix, loved it, and then mourned when most anime series were taken off the service. I could probably watch it elsewhere, but I’m too lazy to track it down. Anyway, the anime got the visual novel treatment for consoles with 2016’s Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness, which has recently launched on Steam.

The basic premise of Psycho-Pass, from what I gathered in the first episode, is that human emotions are monitored by titular Psycho-Passes. When someone’s emotions reach a dangerously high level, their “Crime Coefficient” increases too. This is a marker that predicts their likelihood of doing bad things. To police this, special officers known as Inspectors and Enforcers are sent to hunt them down. Of course, this highlights how hypocritical the system is, because the trigger-happy Enforcers all have high Crime Coefficients.

Anyway, Mandatory Happiness functions as a side story, following two new detectives and their cases. Like most visual novels, the storyline is highly emphasised, and players will be forced to make tough choices that impact the ending. Given the subject matter, it’s unlikely that this will become a dating simulator of any description. For whatever bloody reason, the Steam trailer hasn’t been released on YouTube, so here’s a trailer for the console version.

Pyscho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is on Steam for R319, and also available on PS4, and PS Vita for significantly more.

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