Phoenix Point seeks crowdfunding to combat alien menace

Phoenix Point is a strategy title from the creator of the original X-COM, Julian Gollop, which plays with many similar elements and themes. First revealed in 2016, the game has now begun a crowdfunding campaign through Fig.

At time of writing, Phoenix Point has amassed over $300,000 of its $500,000 goal. The campaign launched less than a day ago, so this level of support clearly indicates that the X-COM itch hasn’t been fully scratched.

Phoenix Point takes place in the year 2057, after humanity gets all kinds of wrecked by an alien virus discovered in melting permafrost. Said virus spreads via a sinister mist, mutating creatures into horrible monstrosities. Your terrifying foes will be procedurally generated, meaning each encounter could involve an unknown threat. What’s also cool is that boss enemies will need to have their body parts individually targeted, to strategically disable their combat abilities.

Players are in charge of one cell of The Phoenix Project, a “just in case” initiative tasked with cleaning up the mess if humanity is threatened. Under your command will be some of the world’s best scientists, engineers and soldiers, and you’ll need to make contact with other Phoenix Project cells to take back the world. Much like X-COM, soldiers gain experience from battles and can specialise into different skill trees. They can also be extensively customised with a range of weapons, armour and cosmetic items, because fighting the alien threat requires snazzy eye-patches. You’ll also need to balance relations between three radically different factions, opening up opportunities for alliances and conflicts.

Phoenix Point is expected to release in late 2018.