The most controversial video game of 1993 is stalking onto Xbox One and PS4

Digital Pictures’ campy cult-classic full-motion video game Night Trap is coming back – they always do – with a 25th anniversary remaster release expected sometime later this year, via developer Screaming Villains and publisher Limited Run Games. First launched in 1992, the Sega CD version of game was pulled from shelves in the US the next year after a moral panic campaign in government deemed it  “shameful”, “ultra-violent”, “sick”, and “disgusting”, and it’s cited as one of the reasons the ESRB rating system was introduced in 1994. The game has been subsequently acknowledged as one of the worst horror games ever, but let’s not let that get in the way of nostalgia.

Featuring sitcom star Dana Plato, Night Trap is about a slumber party that goes all sorts of wrong when, you know, vampires attack. As a Special Control Attack Team agent (… SCAT agent), players must use hidden cameras and booby (hehe) traps around the house to stop the bad guys and save the girls.

Back in 2014, Digital Pictures launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund development of its own Night Trap ReVamped remaster, but managed to bank only $39,843 of its $330,000 target. So that’s awkward.