Nintendo launched their 2DS back in 2013 as a slightly more affordable way to explore the 3DS library. It was an excellent idea, stripping away the superfluous glasses-free 3D feature, held back by a clunky and unattractive design. Even NAG Online’s “edgiest” “journalist” Chris Kemp alluded to this in an article last year. Anyway, Nintendo have recently revealed the New Nintendo 2DS XL, and while the name doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue, it does have a far better design.

The New 2DS XL has the iconic folding clam shell design popularised by the original DS, but it also has a lower price point than the New 3DS XL thanks to the lack of 3D support. It sports a bit of a visual redesign, with very understated colouring of the d-pad and the face buttons, and some carbon fibre-like detailing on the top.

Like the rest of the New range, it has a C-Stick for additional controls, and extra shoulder buttons. It also has much larger screens than the regular 2DS, and will allow gamers to play the entire 3DS library.  And most importantly, it will retail for $149.99 (R1,990 locally)  $50 less than a New 3DS. Here’s a trailer so you can see what a cool, hip person you can be if you get one:

The Nintendo New 2DS XL is scheduled for launch on 28 July. Hopefully this is a sign that Nintendo has plans to continue supporting the platform now that the Switch is out in the wild.

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