Greetings NAGoovians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week we have 343 talking Halo 6, a crystal-ball gazer predicts the next console generation, Nintendo posts some impressive sales figures, a Dark souls 3 player makes us all feel inferior, a judge throws the book at a teenage hacker, Bethesda hints at E3 reveals and a long-running YouTube series ends. All that, some videos and highlights from the week, after the jump.

343 Industries promise more MC in Halo 6

In an interview this week the people over at developer 343 Industries acknowledged that they heard the fan outcry over the lack of Master Chief in Halo 5, and plan on correcting that in the next instalment.

“We definitely marketed in a way that we hoped was going to bring surprise, but for some fans and certainly fans of Master Chief, it was a huge disappointment because they wanted more Chief.”

“It wasn’t that surprising to me, but the volume of ‘give us more Chief’ at the end of Halo 5 was significant and so I think if anything he’s slightly more important now than he has ever been, certainly to our franchise.”

As someone who’s never been involved in the franchise, I only hope fans get their favourite talking helmet back in the next game. 343 also mentioned the game won’t have any new playable characters, choosing to focus instead on “making the world a little bit more realistic and compelling”.

Analyst predicts we’ll be seeing a new Playstation come 2018

Current-gen consoles have, much to my disgust, destroyed the illusion of the multi-year console cycle with the various hardware upgrades they’ve been showing, which has led analyst Damian Thong to predict Sony releasing it’s “next-generation Playstation by the second half of 2018”.

Of course every asshole has an opinion, but this dude gets a little extra credit for accurately predicting the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

If there really is a new-generation of consoles next year, however, I expect their market share to go down as a decent amount as people switch to PC, which would then require upgrades less frequently than the consoles. It’d be important for these big corporates not to lose track of the main appeal of their product – longevity.

It never feels good to get traded in for something younger and more attractive.

Nintendo Switch manages 2.74m units in month one

While we’re on the topic of consoles, Nintendo has had a great launch for the Switch, shipping off close to three million units during the first month – smashing the previous estimate of two million in the same period.

Breath of the Wild is doing even better at 3.84m units if you include Wii U copies. All these numbers come courtesy of its 2016 sales report, which also showed why Nintendo won’t be dropping support for the 3DS anytime soon.

Sales of the handheld were up over last year, shifting an impressive 7.27m units in the last 12 months to bring the lifetime total to 66 million. Meanwhile Pokemon Sun and Moon has sold an absurd 15.44m copies.

Dark Souls 3 speedrun world record set at 1:24:19

Isn’t this game supposed to be hard? Some dude managed the whole game, including all bosses, in about as much time as it takes to watch a Michael Bay movie.

The full run is linked below, and as always these are entertaining. It’s not just about getting through things fast, but exploiting every possible edge to shave minutes off the final time. It’s a pretty unique Liam Neeson-esque set of skills, and a humble reminder to all of us that things are only “hard” as we define them as such.

Put more simply, we suck.

Teenage hacker gets two years in the slammer

You may remember those high profile hacks a while back, where nobody was safe and Sony and Microsoft fell in quick succession to unidentified internet trollsters.

Turns out the dude responsible was 16-year-old Adam Mudd, who created software called Titanium Stresser and sold it to fellow hackers, making a cool 386 thousand pounds. Wait what? Holy shit that’s a lot of money, I may be willing to do two years in jail for R5 million+.

This cool piece of code was apparently responsible for 1.7m hacks, which in legal terms means Mudd was in deep shit. But like Paul Walker in the first Fast and Furious, he wasn’t interested in money – he wanted respect.

According to his defense attorney, Mudd was “seeking friendship and status within the gaming community”, which is like searching for your insulin shot in a pool of custard.

The judge wasn’t buying any of this, saying that Mudd knew exactly what he was doing and highlighting that he made some pretty serious coin doing it. As a “real element of deterrent” to would-be hackers of the future, he got sentenced to two years in the big house.

Bethesda maybe-sort-of teases E3 reveals

The publisher caused a bit of a stir this week when they sent out a cute graphic of an imaginary theme park called “Bethesdaland”. Original.

You can see multiple areas in the park which are clearly covering things like Doom, Quake Champions and The Elder Scrolls, but more importantly two of the areas in the park are “under construction”.

Cue wild speculation. Notably missing from the graphic is Wolfenstein, which may imply a new game announcement this year. For now, we’ll have to assume that the planned date for discussion of Sunday June 11 is going to provide all of the answers.

Personally I’m keen to go to the Doom area.

Anita Sarkeesian finishes “Tropes vs Women in Video Games”

If you’re anything like me, your first reaction to this was likely “wait, that’s still going?”

It turns out what I thought was a three episode look at representation of women in games is a massive 21 episode magnum opus, which is now apparently done.

I was mostly on board with the occasionally heavy-handed first few episodes, but I’m not sure how there can be 21 episodes worth of content on sexualised female characters and the helpless damsel in distress.

Although what little I’ve watched/read of Sarkeesian in the last couple of years has strayed deep into extremist territory, so I’ll keep my memories pure of those first three or so episodes that actually had some good points to make.

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