Gears of War 4’s May update adds two maps, multi-GPU support on PC

The Coalition is dropping an update for Gears of War 4 sometime today, featuring one renovated map, one totally new map, and support for multi-GPU setups. The studio has also announced that one of the luckless Carmine bros is coming back from the dead later this month “complete with his missing lower torso innards” so that’s, uh, unhygienic and probably contagious.

The classic map is Gears of War 2‘s laser-o-rama Security, now reworked as a COG cash depository.

“For Gears of War 4, we’ve made a major change to how the lasers work. In King of the Hill and one of the key central rings on Escalation, the security lasers will only block the side entrances to the top sandbags to focus on opening flanks rather than blocking off entire areas,” community manager Liam Ashley explains. “In addition, the lasers are activated in Horde when pressing the button (rather than disabled), offering a short defensive window that kills enemies as they try to run through it. Time your press just right to decimate groups of enemies getting too close to your base!”

And the new map is Dawn, set in an Outsider village built around a derelict mining installation, which “combines tight corridors of combat with open spaces” for some versatile gibbing.

The update also adds multi-GPU support for Windows 10. It’s double the fun.

“Our Windows 10 team have been hard at work implementing support for users who use multiple graphics card setups, and now fans can take full advantage of their setup to really push the stunning visuals of Gears of War 4,” says Ashley.

Besides a Gnashers Only King of the Hill mode for Versus and an otherwise unspecified new Horde variant this month, the May Gear Packs include Zombie Benjamin Carmine, who presumably ate his way out of the Riftworm. Without a stomach. That’s got to be messy.