Ninjas and Romans join For Honor

Over the long weekend, Ubisoft announced season two of For Honor with a series of short CGI teaser trailers. The content update is called Shadow and Might, and brings two new heroes to the multiplayer fray, namely the Roman Centurion, and the ninja-inspired Shinobi. Hit the jump for all the trailers, and absolutely no ranting about historical accuracy. Nope, none of that at all…

The first trailer is just a teaser, with no indication of gameplay. It shows off the name, and some sweet artwork that deserves to be airbrushed on a cool dude’s van.

The next two teasers are brief, but give a decent snapshot overview of the new heroes. The Shinobi will be a light and nimble fighter equipped with dual kusarigama (sickles on chains). Props must be given to Ubisoft for having the restraint to not equip him with a ninjato, a sword that is an invention of cinema, and mistakenly believed to be historical.

The Centurion is obviously based on Roman fighters, with suitable weapons and armour. The teaser shows him to be a slightly tanky heavy hitter, equipped with a gladius and sh… wait. Where’s his shield? Romans were famous for using shields! How’s he supposed to block anything with his teensy sword? I get that For Honor has firmly placed itself in fantasy territory, but a Roman without a shield is a dead Roman! Furthermore, that mask is unsuited for infantry combat, and more typical of Roman cavalry training gear, and… wait! Come back! Here’s the trailer!

For Honor: Shadow and Might launches on 16 May for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While season pass holders get the Shinobi and Centurion for free, other players will need to unlock them with in-game Steel. Check out our review by Gareth Runnalls for more details.