Here’s a really cool behind the scenes look at The Surge

Deck13 Interactive’s Souls-adjacent, hardcore action RPG The Surge is a little under two weeks away, and if you’ve been following my gushings about it, you’ll know that it’s looking damn fine. So fine, in fact, that if it turns out to be garbage I’m gonna burn this mother f be just super disappointed.

But I digress. Publisher Focus Home Interactive just uploaded a very interesting behind-the-scenes video to show off what the game’s all about, and it brings all the hype.

The Surge takes place on an “industrial, near-future Earth,” and tries to tackle issues of “environmental destruction, corporatism and misuse of technology relevant to our world.”

“Taking control of the exo-suited Warren, players will explore rich, secret-filled environments and venture deep into the heart of tech company CREO’s devastated facility – all while battling crazed employees with fried cranial implants and robots gone haywire.” So, pretty much just Souls-like gameplay with a major sci-fi twist. I’m okay with that.

The Surge will dodge-roll onto PC, PS4, and XBO on 16 May.