Watch Prey’s launch trailer so you’ll know what’s coming

Hey, guess what! Did you guess that I’m severely sleep-deprived and having minor visual hallucinations?! Well, yes. But also, Prey will be out tomorrow, so that’s pretty cool. Bethesda has been rolling out trailers and details (including how beefy your PC needs to be to run it) for the game these past few months like it’s going out of business, and it looks really good.

With just about a day to go until we can get our hands on it, the publisher has released a launch trailer for the game, and it’s quite the thing.

“When you awaken aboard the Talos I space station, you that find you are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong,” reads the description. “Talos I has been overrun by an alien force, and you must stop the Typhon threat from destroying humanity.”

“As Morgan Yu, and mankind’s last hope, fend off the alien infestation armed with the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities. It’s up to you to uncover the mysteries of Talos I and safeguard the world from the Typhon threat.”

Prey will be out on PC, PS4, and XBO tomorrow, but if you’re on console and want to try the game, a free demo called Opening Hour is already available.

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