Fury is doing her thing in these new Darksiders 3 screenshots

“Oh me? It’s nothing much, you know,” she says, elegantly traversing a chasm on a magic whip before wrangling with an enormous possessed locust thing. “Just saving the world and whatever.”

Fury flips her hair and adjusts her boob armour. A subway station lies ahead, but the trains are cancelled. Forever. This is the end of things, but it’s just another day of the job for her.

Over on IGN, an exclusive Darksiders 3 preview includes seven new screenshots of the game, revealing much of its predecessors’ same vivid comic book aesthetics, but with lots more next-gen zing. It’s also apparently being developed in Unreal Engine 4, a first for the series.

According to the preview, the game is set around the same time as the events of Darksiders 2, with War condemned by the Charred Council and Death busy trying to prove his brother’s innocence, as Fury is dispatched to deal with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Game’s out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 next year.

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