You won’t die as much with Outlast 2’s new update

And by “you”, obviously, I mean Tank. Because apparently he died, like, 10 times in the game’s opening minute and almost didn’t even finish it because, and I quote, “I couldn’t stop crying, Tarryn, and that’s also why my review isn’t ready.” He totally told me that, I promise. Anyway, developer Red Barrels has acknowledged that, okay, Outlast 2 is actually a bit too hard, so they’re doing something to mitigate that. It’s too late for Tank’s fragile constitution, but maybe not for everybody else.

“While the launch of Outlast 2 has been a commercial success we have kept a close eye on the feedback from countless community members, let’s players, and reviews,” the studio explained in a post on Facebook. “Today’s patch introduces some minor adjustments to the game’s difficulty in key areas and moments. On Normal difficulty this will offer players a more appropriately balanced experience while still maintaining higher levels of challenge on Hard and Nightmare difficulties.”

Out now on PC and “coming soon” to console, the update also features the requisite list of fixes and other improvements, including:

– Global rebalancing of the game difficulty.
– Microphone no longer uses extra batteries.
– Increased the size of subtitles.
– Fixed an issue on Intel HD 4000 cards where most dynamic lights were missing.
– Fixed an issue where flickering black squares appear in the center of the screen at some specific resolutions.
– Fixed an issue with alternate controller mappings and the camcorder UI.
– Fixed an issue with double doors where one of them is locked.
– Fixed an issue causing lost save games when Steam somehow fails to initialize.
– Fixed some heretic sound effects.
– Fixed multiple minor gameplay issues (collisions, crawling, tutorials, etc.)
– Fixed multiple rare crashes.
– Added a “-refreshrate 60” command-line parameter to specify a preferred refresh rate (replace 60 by the desired refresh rate).
– Added a “-notexturelimit” command-line parameter to remove texture size limits based on VRAM amount.
– Added a “-borderless” command-line parameter to use borderless fullscreen and not have to edit INI files.