Quake Champions is throwing a tech test party and everybody is invited

No exclusive closed beta code? No problem! Bethesda has announced its opening up its ongoing Quake Champions beta to the public as part of “large-scale tech test”, starting this Friday, with a new 4v4 mode added into the mix for maximum quad damage. Get it? QUAD DAMAGE, YOU GUYS. I’m here all week.

Quake Champions’ new 4v4, team-based competitive mode – Sacrifice – will be playable for the first time,” says the press stuff. “Players should form their teams and choose their Champions to work together to dominate the Arenas in this fresh competitive play style.”

Until the test ends on 21 May, the game will be live 24/7 instead of the previous weekend schedule, and all non-disclosure requirements are dropped, so you can stream, capture, and otherwise brag about it to everybody else.

To sign up, visit the official website and register to get a code, no questions asked. The download is approximately 8GB and you’ll need to install the Bethesda Launcher app to play.