The SABC wants you to pay a TV licence fee for your phone, tablet, and PC

I mean, I dunno if I even need to add anything more than that image but in the interests (or pretensions) of proper, like totally legit reporting and whatever, SABC boss James Aguma apparently told Parliament today that the company wants to amend the Broadcasting Act – that’s the one that prescribes mandatory TV licences for TVs – to include mandatory TV licences for things that aren’t TVs. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to Channel24, this revised plan extends to phones, tablets, and PCs (and presumably consoles, when they find out about those), and “would broaden the collection base for SABC TV licences which in turn would help to increase the potential revenue the public broadcaster could collect from this income stream”. Or, basically, pay this year’s management bonuses while the SABC flounders between more financial scandals, 7de Laan reruns, and public indifference. But no, obviously people watching Netflix on the toilet is the real problem.

For the moment, a R265 annual TV licence is required for devices that can receive a “TV signal”, an increasingly ambiguous, or perhaps increasingly irrelevant distinction in 2017 when everybody uses streaming services instead. The worst part is, I’ve already paid a TV licence for two years now and I don’t even watch SABC. Maybe I’m the real problem.