Finally, you can raid, pillage, and burn medieval Europe in the Viking RTS Ancestors

There’s something appealing about playing as a Viking in video games. Maybe it’s the tattoos, or the weaponry, or the ability to explore a persona to which societal norms of mercy and passivity do not apply, or perhaps it’s the helmets. Anyway, the recently announced Ancestors is a historically-inspired squad-based RTS that will allow players to board longships and unleash their inner berserker.

The game is in development at Czech studio Destructive Creations, the same team that earned infamy for the hyper-violent Hatred. Their latest creation will strongly emphasise tactics, and offer both single and multiplayer modes. The game is set between the 10th and 12th centuries, and the campaigns will follow four nations and their conflicts, which are inspired by real events. Interestingly, the developers aim to streamline several elements, such as resource and construction management, to welcome genre newcomers to the game. Here’s the announcement trailer, in fancy CGI.

Now, you may be expecting a brief critique of the weapons and tactics used in the trailer, and I would hate to disappoint. First off, none of the Vikings are wearing horned helmets, so that scores them a few points. However, the defenders would have probably done a lot better if they clustered up and formed a proper shield wall. And also, our main Viking dies like a punk at the end, because that is what happens when you fight without a shield.

Ancestors doesn’t have a release date yet, but is listed on Steam. The game is also slated for an Xbox One launch, and controller support will be implemented for the PC version as well.

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