Prey’s first post-launch PC update fixes save file corruption issues

Arkane Studios has dropped a Prey update on Steam that includes fixes for some of its worst problems, most prominently including the game-breaking save file corruption bug that prompted a controversial 4/10 review on IGN and a lot of internet draaaaama this week, so everybody can get back to slithering around the Talos I as a pile of folded towels as the developers intended.

Somewhat unexpectedly, perhaps, the update actually restores busted save games to an unbusted state, so players won’t even lose progress in their games. Oh, unless…

“If a Save file has been previously edited manually, it may not function properly,” Bethesda community manager Jessica Finster explains. “Deletion of level.dat files may cause game progression to not function properly.”

PREY Patch 1.2 Changelog:

  • Fix to prevent Save games from becoming corrupted. Fix also returns corrupted Save games to uncorrupted state.
    —–>Also addresses some additional crashes on map loads.
  • Hacking during the Power Plant reboot no longer causes the reboot to fail to complete.
  • Fix to prevent the Player from becoming stuck in certain circumstances.
  • Nightmares will now always search for the player once spawned.
  • Saving and Loading PC settings will now save correctly for users with special characters in their Windows usernames.
  • Numerous fixes to GLOO to prevent breaking and bypassing collision, prevent corpses from passing through walls and floors.
  • Updated Recycling to prevent infinite material creation.
  • Fix for occasional combat freeze when attacking Phantoms
  • Kaspar’s objective indicator should no longer disappear.
  • Updates to audio mix to adjust volume of music, audio logs, cutscenes.

The update is expected on console sometime next week, but I dunno if it’s exactly the same or adds a fix for the PS4 controller lag I’ve seen people on Twitter complaining about. I’ve had no real problems with the Xbox One version of the game besides turrets turning on me because I’m, like, half Typhon by now. But that’s totally my fault, and I suppose slithering around the Talos I as a pile of folded towels must look super suspicious to the station security anyway.

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