Treyarch is teasing more Zombies Chronicles map footage on Twitter

If its price didn’t already put you off completely, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s Zombies Chronicles expansion is due out tomorrow. It’ll include remastered versions of eight of the all-time greatest Zombies maps, and it’s looking really good – we’ve already been treated to a pretty creepy cinematic trailer and some action-packed gameplay footage.

But just when you thought Treyarch was done teasing, the developer took to Twitter to show off a few quick snippets of footage taken from each map. They’re below.


Nacht Der Untoten

Shi No Numa

Kino Der Toten



That’s it, really, Moon and Origins have yet to receive their own mini-showcases, but if they do I’ll add them to the list. But for now, here’s a really cool look at the official Zombies timeline.